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5 tips experts are saying about Google Virtual Tours

Everything in the real world now has a counterpart in the digital world. In fact, you can pretty much do everything in the digital world that you used to do in the real world. Some examples of these real-world activities that can be done online include shopping, working, and even traveling. When it comes to traveling in the digital world, a Google virtual tour can accommodate that.

Because of the global pandemic, people are forced to stay at their house as a form of health protocol which means people are not permitted to travel for leisure. However, with the help of VR tour technology, people can now travel places from the comfort of their homes. All they need is an electronic device and an internet connection to be able to explore a Google virtual tour. For that reason, many businesses are now using VR tour technology to accommodate the needs of these online travelers. In this article, we listed down 5 tips that experts are saying about the Google virtual tour that can help you in integrating it into your eCommerce business.

1 – Use audios and text in the Google virtual tour

A Google virtual tour is more than just an interactive image that you can scroll around. Now, you can add text and audio that will provide more concrete information than what an image can do. This can be done by adding a point of interest as you are editing the VR tour. A text or audio description is vital so people can understand more about a certain item in the VR tour. These types of Google virtual tour features are commonly used by museums and businesses that have a product showroom. 

2 – Add videos to a VR tour 

Another good idea is to add videos to the VR Tour. Text and audio can only give written and verbal information respectively. However, videos can give visual information which is why it is recommended to add videos in a Google virtual tour. A good example of the need to add videos in a VR tour is a condominium for rent. The condominium unit has tack away furniture that can convert the unit from a home to an office. This can be difficult to explain during a Google virtual tour that only has text and audio. However, if there is a video on the VR tour, the process of tacking away the furniture can be demonstrated.

3 – Find more ways you can use a Google virtual tour

Aside from creating a tourist spot tour or house tour, there are many ways a Google virtual tour can be used. In the education sector, for example, it can be used as a visual aid. A teacher can use the already existing VR tour of significant places in the world to help students learn what they need to know about that particular place. If the teacher knows how to use Google virtual tour, he or she can use it as an alternative to a slide presentation.

4 – Hire a VR tour expert

Learning how to create a VR tour can be too time-consuming for someone who has a different line of work. For example, in the case of entrepreneurs, they do not have sufficient time to learn this since they need most of their time focused on managing their businesses. That is why it is best to hire an expert to help you create a Google virtual tour. 

Aside from being familiar with the VR tour software creator, most of these virtual tour creators have photography skills and photo-editing skills. They also know where they can find images that can be used for the Google virtual tour. Thus, they are the best candidates to hire if you want a high-quality and well-made VR tour.

5 – Share your virtual tours on social media

To maximize the benefits of a Google virtual tour, you must get as many views for it as possible. That is why you should share the VR tour with others online instead of just letting it sit on your business website. The best place that you can get attention to your Google virtual tour is by sharing it on social media. You can even have them redirected to your website so they can also explore what your website has to provide them.

Create a Google virtual tour with experts

Virtual tours have been proven to be beneficial for websites that have them. Not only to their website engagement increase, but their website is also ranking high in search results. For that reason, entrepreneurs should definitely think about how they can include a Google virtual tour on their website. 

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