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5 tips to make it easy in getting a Singapore employment pass

One of the most well-regarded employment visas in Singapore is the Singapore employment pass. This particular work visa is not only meant for professionals but it also has a high salary limit. This means that an employment pass Singapore holder can have a monthly salary of more than $4,500 or $5,000 if he or she is from the financial sector. Thus, with this promised salary, many want to work in Singapore as an E Pass holder.

However, Singapore is currently focusing on providing employment for its local workforce. That is because the pandemic caused a great number of them to lose their jobs. That is why Singapore has made the Singapore employment pass application process more stringent in this period. However, this should not discourage you from availing of an E Pass. To help you out, here are 5 tips to make it easy in getting an employment pass Singapore visa. 

1 – Figure out the eligibility criteria for the Singapore employment pass

The Singapore employment pass has its set of eligibility criteria that all applicants must qualify for. The Ministry of Manpower will not be taking any consideration to those who will not fully meet the eligibility criteria. That is why it is important that you pass these employment pass Singapore criteria.

To become eligible for the E Pass, the applicant must be a manager or a professional of the same level. This means that the candidate must be a college graduate from a reputable school. He or she must have relevant work experience that is fitting for the job that he or she will have in Singapore. Thus, it is vital that all Singapore employment pass candidates are aware of the eligibility criteria of the said work visa

2 – Search for a job first before undertaking the employment pass Singapore application

The employment pass Singapore application doesn’t allow the applicant to apply for the pass themselves. Only the employing company or the authorized employment firm is allowed to apply for the E Pass on behalf of the applicant. For that reason, it isn’t possible for a foreigner to apply for the Singapore employment pass first, then look for a job in Singapore. What is required is that the applicant must look for a job in Singapore through Jobs Bank or the My Careers portal.

3 – Ensure that the job will make you eligible for the Singapore employment pass

Once you find job prospects in Singapore, it is important to clarify the eligibility of the companies to apply for the employment pass Singapore visa. Aside from the applicant, the Ministry of Manpower takes into account the hiring company whether they are complying with the conditions of the Singapore employment pass. There needs to be a larger proportion of local workers in its workforce in order to be eligible for the employment pass Singapore application. Even if the applicant’s eligibility is spotless, he or she will not get an E Pass if the hiring company is not eligible for the E Pass. Thus, this is something that you should consider before accepting a job in Singapore.

4 – Have the requirements on hand

The application process for the Singapore employment pass is not difficult. It is very straightforward since all that needs to be done is to fill out the application form and upload the required documents to the portal. However, preparing these documents can take a long while. That is why it is important that you already have them prepared beforehand. You can visit the Ministry of Manpower website to find out what are the required employment pass Singapore documents.

5 – Seek assistance from a work visa company

Last but not least in this list of tips is to seek the services of a work visa company. The people from this kind of company are experts in regards to the Singapore employment pass application. They know which of the applicants will pass the employment pass Singapore application and who will not. Thus, seeking their services will help you determine your chances of getting approved by the Ministry of Manpower. If you aren’t eligible for the E Pass, they can still recommend you to apply for another work visa in Singapore that you are more eligible for. 

Despite the stringent qualifications of the Singapore employment pass, foreigners will still aim to get a hold of this work visa. If you are one of them, it is recommended that there is an expert that will guide you through this process. Thus, it is a must that you seek the services of a company.

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